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biora WIR-51

biora WIR-51

Enclosed within a modular and highly portable, durable shell, Biora WIR-51 Walk-In Plant Growth Rooms are the larger of the two standard Biora controlled environment solutions. Offering innovative functionality, versatility and precision, environmental conditions such as temperature, light, humidity, CO2 levels and wind speeds can be simulated and replicated uniformly within the Biora WIR-51. Environment replication is programmed and monitored via GuardIAN remotely or via a user friendly colour touch-screen interface at the door of the chamber.


  • Steel super structure with 100mm insulated panels with reflective interior, including the floor.
  • Controlled ventilation ports – fresh air intake and exhaust ports.
  • Observation window.
  • Door size: 980mm x 2000mm
  • Ramp access.
  • Interior safety release, including vacuum release.

External Dimensions (H X W X D)
3m x 3m x 10m

Internal Dimensions (H X W X D)
2.4m x 2.4m x 9m

Internal Volume (Litres)
51,840 Litres (51.84m³)

Temperature Range (°C)
-3°C to 43°C with all lights off and all lights. Redundancy measures incorporated into the air conditioning system and multiple refrigeration and heating options available.

Temperature Stability
+/- 0.5°C

Temperature Uniformity
+/- 1°C

Humidity Range (% RH)
40 to 75% RH (lights on)
40 to 90% RH (lights off)

Humidity Stability
+/- 1% RH

 Humidity Uniformity
+/- 2% RH

Air Distribution

  • Air Flow – ducted ventilation system for vertical downward, near uniform, air flow.
  • Fan Speed – Adjustable from 60% to 100% (85% or higher is recommended as temperature gradients increase at lower fan speeds)
  • Fresh Air – Filtered fresh air with a manually adjustable vent: 2.8m³/min
  • Internal air mixing is also possible.

Multiple lighting options from cool-white fluorescent to the most recent LEDs.
Intensities from 0 – 2600 µmol m-2 s-1

Shelves & Lights

  • For single-tier walk-in controlled environment rooms lights are located at the ceiling.
  • For multi-tier rooms with height adjustable shelves, independent light canopies are situated in each tier.
  • All light canopies are controllable and dimmable, with customisable intensities and spectrums available for day time and seasonal replication.

Power Supply
220/380-3Ø-50Hz (120/208-3Ø-60Hz)

Growth Area (m²)
0.75m² or 0.9m² per shelf. Number of shelves dependent on chamber volume and multiple shelving configurations are available.

Gas Monitoring

  • Gas Monitoring and Control of Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as standard (additional gases can be added optionally). Gases are measured by internal Aura-FX probes.
  • MineARC scrubbing technology including Marcisorb CO2 cartridges can reduce the carbon dioxide level within the system to below 250ppm (0.025%) and a plenum CO2 additive systems can be included with an adjustable flow rate.


  • GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Control System for real-time remote monitoring, data logging, alarms and push notifications via email and text message.
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.
  • User friendly15” touch screen HMI Control Panel.
  • Fan speed, fresh air intake and exhaust ports controlled by GuardIAN. Can also be manually overridden.


  • A number of security access solutions are available, including an electric smart key lockable door with PIN code or swipe access.
  • Internal & External IP cameras installed for both security and remote chamber monitoring
  • Internal temperature, humidity and pressure sensors.

Quality Control

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) & Inverter: Power redundancy to protects the controller and control circuit from momentary loss of power.
  • Quality Standard: ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • Warehouse Diagnostics & Testing: full system tests conducted with our clients at our warehouse before on-site installation.

Installation & Training

  • Semi-modular chamber with forklift and crane access points, allowing for ease of transport & minimal onsite installation.
  • Commissioning on-site.
  • Manuals: Controller manual, operation & maintenance manual, and electrical schematics provided.
  • Training: On-site training on the controller, electrical, and refrigeration system by a qualified MineARC technician.

Two years parts and labour.

Servicing & Retrofits

  • Annual comprehensive service by qualified technicians.
  • Retrofits available at any stage after installation.


  • Shelving & internal fitout – Single-tier or multi-tier height adjustable, roll out shelves.
  • Vacuum and Positive / Negative Pressure Control.
  • Chilled water access available.
  • Misting System.
  • Irrigation – water manifold is introduced and metered watering hoses used
  • Increase in duration of UPS.
  • Extended Warranty.