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Biora Walk-In Plant Growth Room sizes range from 7.000 litres of internal volume, up to 51.000 litres or custom designed dimensions specially developed to suit client requirements in the research of medium to tall plants.

Multi-tier or single-tier options are available and growth areas are flexible as determined by our clients, enabling researchers to have several experiments running simultaneously with plants at varying maturities and heights. Multiple lighting options are available for installation depending on requirements and stages of plant development. This includes changeable light canopies, primary and secondary lighting, different light spectrums, intensities and energy-usage or a mix of types as requested.

Biora Walk-In Plant Growth Rooms have the capacity for environmental chemistry correction, temperature control over a large range, humidity control, gas monitoring and management as well as wind speed and air flow control. Security and real-time monitoring is provided by GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System, providing users with a secure, locally hosted portal which is accessible via computer, tablet or smart phone with minimal set up.

Biora WIR-7

Biora WIR-51

Biora WIR-C