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Biora Reach-In Plant Growth Chambers are designed to be suitable for numerous research applications from tissue culture and genetic studies involving Arabidopsis, plant physiology and early growth studies of seedlings, to insect incubation, constant temperature trials and Pharmaceutical testing. They incorporate a multi-tier shelf design which allows for the growth area to be maximised. Biora Reach-In Plant Growth Chambers are available in two sizes, 840L one door or 1,400L two door chambers.

Precision and reproducibility is enhanced by utilising a horizontal circulation system therefore optimising air flow and allowing for the uniform control of temperature even when shelves are adjusted. A stable lighting spectrum is offered with the lighting on each tier having the ability to be individually monitored. Multiple lighting options are also available.

The flexible and versatile interior of Biora Reach-In Plant Growth Chambers has the capacity for environmental chemistry correction, temperature control, humidity control, light intensities, air flow, gas monitoring and management. Security and real-time monitoring is provided by GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System, providing users with a secure, locally hosted portal which is accessible via computer, tablet or smart phone with minimal set up.

Biora RIC-840

Biora RIC-1400