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About MineARC Systems

The team at MineARC Systems have been at the forefront of controlled environment design, development and manufacture for almost 20 years. Striving to improve the health and safety standards within the mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief and extreme weather industries, worldwide. MineARC System’s industry leading Refuge Chambers have been used in multiple real-life emergencies to keep miners safe and alive.

Gaining recognition beyond the mining industry, our in-house research and development, engineering, production and servicing capabilities have allowed us to branch out in to multiple industries over the years which now includes the science and research industry. Our Biora Chamber is a perfect solution for controlled environment agriculture and climatic stability testing.

As advocates of innovation, our dedication to ongoing research and development is driven by our key focus on client satisfaction. We place a high importance on quality control and building strong relationships with our clients in order to develop a unique and customised solution which in turn improves research and security facilities, reduces costs and simplifies operations.


Through problem resolution and identifying client requirements in multiple industries, MineARC has developed a comprehensive suite of integrated systems specifically tasked with sustaining a controlled habitable environment in case of an emergency.