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Introducing Biora – a fully customisable secure Growth Chamber and Environment Control Room solution, incorporating superior accuracy, reliability and the replication of any environmental conditions within a robust and durable shell.

Biora Growth Chambers are the latest innovation of Western Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of emergency refuge chambers, lifesaving componentry and monitoring technologies, MineARC Systems.

For use in the research of:

Plant Growth






Tissue Culture


Seeds – Storage & Drying

Biora Growth Chambers provide the control and repeatability needed to efficiently sustain precise conditions as well as maximise production capabilities, product quality and security.

Building on MineARC’s successful capabilities in creating controlled environments for industrial safety, Biora’s componentry allows for the development, refinement and repetition of specific growth and testing conditions. Cooperating with clients and ensuring we understand their requirements and specifications guarantees Biora Growth Chambers provide maximum flexibility to meet changing research or production necessities. This allows for clients to have control over every part of the design, manufacture, growing and testing process.


Temperature & Humidity Control

Extended temperature range of -3°C to 43°C with all lights off and all lights. Ambient humidity to 75% with all lights on, or 90% with all lights off.

LED Lighting

The ability to reproduce natural light with intensities from 0 – 2600 µmol m-2 s-1

Canopies operate autonomously to a programmed daily, monthly, seasonal or annual cycle and they can operate stand-alone or in groups.

Gas Monitoring & Control

Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System monitors and controls Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels as standard. Gas additive & scrubbing removal (scrubbing) systems can also be included.


Security and real-time monitoring is provided by GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System. Providing users with a secure, locally hosted portal which is accessible via computer, tablet or smart phone with minimal set up.


Consultative design process. Design can allow for transport with minimal installation, including forklift and crane access
points for a semi modular system if intended.